Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Nash Enterprises is proud to now offer heated ice fishing shack rentals. There are numerous packages available for your ice fishing experience. 
Please call for details. Ice fishing shack rentals are available when ice depth permits safe conditions.

Shack Rental - General Rules

  • You will receive shack in clean working condition- please be sure to return it in like condition
  • Use garbage cans - do not throw anything down the holes
  • Use the provided fish tray to store your fish
  • If more than one vehicle - do not park right close together - leave some space
  • No alcohol
  • Must abide by Fish and Wildlife rules and regulations - ie) WIN card and angler's license, knowing and honouring limits
  • Dress for the weather - you will be inside and protected from the elements, but you want to be prepared when you are outside
  • If you make a fire on the ice, be sure you clean the debris completely before leaving

Things to Bring!

  • Drinking water
  • Your gear - rod, bait, lures, etc)0111
  • Ice auger with extension, chipper
  • Generator
  • Any food you may need
  • Truck with 1 7/8" ball on hitch
  • Cell phone
  • First aid kit

Contact Us

Call today to check for availability.
Kathy: 780-849-3977  or  780-843-9408